Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some of my favorites.

Here are some of the things that make my daily life easier. Month by month, my boys are constantly changing. Attitudes come and go, eating preferences change weekly, and their attention spans for certain toys grow and deplete daily. Let's just say, they are constantly leaving me with the question "What's next?"....

We recently started having Rosehill Dairy deliver milk, bread and orange juice bi-weekly right to our doorstep. We LOVE the products and the convenience of it. We go through the basics quite quickly at the Lawrence household. This really saves us time and money.


Since most toddlers develop a sense of independence after 12 months of age, their diets can go from eating everything to eating nothing. My twins are no exception. I like to give them Toddler Enfagrow Formula after some meals to help get those extra vitamins that they sometimes miss. Plus, the vanilla flavored kind is something that I give them right after bath time to keep them in place long enough to lotion and dress them. This is crucial for me since the majority of baths are done by myself. Without this drink, they will fight to the death to get away from me which would leave the other child unattended. Not good for business.


My sister-in-law introduced me to these goodies. My kids LOVE these. They will even eat spinach and pea flavored ones. That never happened before these. They can hold them and feed themselves. They have a huge variety of different veggies and fruits mixed together. Plus, they are all organic. A great bonus. I order them from Diapers.com (free next day shipping) Thanks Rhiannon!

Being able to pop this thing open and let them watch a quick movie or play a fun touch-screen game....life saver in those moments of tantrum throwing.


I am honestly surprised at how much my kids loved these discs. We had no idea that they were actually learning stuff until one day, we were talking about washing our hands...and they both did the sign for "wash hands"...it was the craziest thing ever. From that point on, we use a handful of baby signs. The most important one for us right now is using the sign "More" for when they want more of something. They now use it and can say it too. It's great to know what your kid wants instead of all the pointing and whining. I highly recommend these discs!

(Cash and London just after waking up from their afternoon nap - hence the hairdos)

Lastly, my kids are all about throwing stuff (blankets and stuffed animals) out of their cribs. Since it was frustrating for me to have to sneak into their room to put blankets back on them, I decided to try something new. Make heavier, bigger blankets. So...I made two two-sided minky blankets for them. The first time I gave it to them, Cash tried to lift his up and throw it over...he failed and I smiled. It was great. Now, they love them and keep them in there always.

Mommy = 1
Babies = 0

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Liv's Nursery.

Before I had a girl, I told myself I would never do a pink nursery since everyone does pink for baby girls. But, when the time came...I fell in love with this crib bedding. Needless to say, pink was all I wanted after two boys.

First, my personal creations:

The place where she will spend many nights,
ceiling gazing.

The place I will spend many nights,
trying to stay awake.

We are crossing our fingers she enjoys the swing.

Notice the basket of bows? It's good to have a sister who loves
making every type of bow imaginable.

And lastly, her most prized possession....

I am 35 weeks today. Let the countdown begin.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Now that I've got time again...


The Sleepy Mom Burp Cloths!

If you are anything like me, you used burp cloths constantly while handling a newborn. I have tried every type of burp cloth out there. Varying from boutique brand name cloths costing $15 a burp cloth all the way down to your basic Gerber brands. I have chosen to use the burp cloths that I loved and used the most while raising my twin boys. I plan to use the same ones for my baby girl coming in June! I've added top designer fabrics to enhance the beauty of these basic diaper cloths. They are fashionable and handy! I promise, these burp cloths will do the job.

1 Burp Cloth - $4.50
3 Burp Cloths - $12.00
6 Burp Cloths - $20.00

To Pre-Order, email me at nicolel@me.com or Luxy Bows at luxybows@gmail.com

I will also be joining Luxy Bows Boutique on Etsy within the next couple of weeks. You can find The Sleepy Mom merchandise there as well! She'll be offering bundle deals that include mix'n'matching Burp Cloth/Bows/Tie Shirts! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop!

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