Saturday, February 26, 2011

my 2 little boys turned 2 years young.

Last Sunday, the 20th, was Cash and London's 2nd birthday. This year, Te and I decided we wanted to spend an entire day doing things that the boys wanted, instead of throwing a birthday party. The day before our 'fun' day, Cash started showing signs of an oncoming cold. It didn't get bad until the day of his actual birthday. So the Saturday before, did the following:

Early am - Te made them a killer breakfast.
Mid am - Opened presents. (We didn't do a lot of presents. The boys have too many toys as it is, so we told family and friends if they wanted to give a gift, to make it a book. The boys love books.)
Noon - Played outside in the snow.
**Dropped Lucy off at Auntie Rhiannon's house.**
Early afternoon - Took the boys out to SLC for their first train (trax) ride. They LOVE trains.
Late afternoon - They got to run wild at The Discovery Gateway.
Early evening - Went to Build-a-Bear. (longest line ever. I thought Te was going to kill me because I kept insisting we stay)
Dinner - They ate corn dogs. Their absolute favorite food.

That was their birthday. Not bad, huh? Later that night, Te and I went to a birthday dinner for his Aunt Stacey. Great food and great company. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Some pictures...

Opening presents. They got to pick out their outfits for the day. As you can see, London chose a pajama top with Toy Story 'guys' on it and Cash chose his 'choochoo' tee.

London on Trax, doing his classic tongue action. We didn't get too many great shots due to wiggly toddlers and a stop/go train. They had a ball, nonetheless.

Discovery Gateway.

On the way home, they were cuddling their bears. Notice London's bear? It's a girl bear. I must have showed him every bear they had, hoping he'd change his mind. Nope, dead set on the Friendship - Peace bear. When he sets his mind on something, there's no stopping him.

Cake time!

Poor Cash got his face shoved into the cake by mean ol' daddy. And to top that off, after eating tons of frosting, he had coughing fit and threw it all front of everyone. I won't show those pictures :-) Very colorful clean-up. That didn't stop Londy pants though. He didn't think twice before going right back to eating his cake.

G-ma Cindy got the boys cowboy hats and made them really cute blankets. They ran around wearing them for hours.

To wrap things up, that cold that Cash our entire family sick the following week. It wasn't just a normal cold either. I'm talking swollen throats, constant runny noses, deep chest coughs, fevers of 100+ and congestion so bad, it caused horrible headaches when not medicated. It's been one whole week and we are still coughing and blowing noses around here. Pretty sure I haven't gotten dressed this entire week. Ouch.

My poor little babies.
These pictures show exactly how they were feeling.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Every once in awhile...

It's been 2 weeks since I last saw my beloved chap stick. Yes, 2 weeks later I am still upset about this. Here's my dilemma:

I love lipstick but I always forget to put it on. I can remember applying chap stick because my lips tend to get chappy whenever the weather suddenly changes, which is a lot these days. I read a blog post about a tinted chap stick from MAC and everyone was raving about it. I ended up ordering it online. (MAC stuff ain't cheap either, ya feel me?) It arrives about a week later and I'm super excited about it. I use it for 2 days, loving every bit of it. Then it happened....

Cash is obsessed with chap stick. Has been for months. He loves walking around and applying to everyone in sight. So one day, I noticed he had reached up and snagged my MAC stick off the bathroom counter. Usually, I would have immediately taken it from him. Usually. I remember I was in the middle of something when I saw him with it and thought to myself, "It has a twist lid, so he can't open it and do any damage. I'll just get it later when he has lost interest." That was upstairs in my bedroom. The next time I saw him, he was downstairs and had also added my brand new, unopened, "on the go" jewelry cleaner to his growing treasure stash. Te had got it for me as a v-day gift to match the jewelry he gave me. Again I thought, "unopened, can't do damage, I'll get it when he's done with it." If I can avoid a toddler tantrum, I will.

And I never saw them again.

Here's the real kicker, I have NEVER lost anything of value before because I always find everything when I clean up later in the day or at night. I make sure to clean up their playrooms every night because I've noticed they play longer when a room is clean compared to messy. It's the "I wanna mess up a clean room" syndrome that kids have.

Anywho, I'm pretty bugged about this. I specifically asked Cash, "Don't lose mommy's lip stick, okay?" And he waddled off murmuring something in his cute little voice. So did he do this on purpose? Did I not give him enough credit to knowingly hide it, thinking it'd be funny? I have looked high and low. In every usual hiding spot of theirs. Even in spots they don't know exist. I've looked in new spots every day for two weeks. I would say he might have thrown it away, but our trash can is located in the pantry, a door that is always closed. I know I could just order another one, but there's a part of me that knows as soon as I do, I will find it.

I need to let it go and just buy a new one already because asking Cash, every day, "Where did you hide mommy's chap stick?" is not going well. He's run off and brought me back everything from a dinosaur that I haven't seen in months to an invisible "item" that he pretended to hand me today. (I admit, it was more cute than annoying)

My parting words....don't underestimate the intelligence of a toddler.

Mommy = 0
Cash = 1


Sunday, February 13, 2011

She will be blessed.

I snapped a couple photos of Lucy in her Blessing dress.
I was in love with her dress. It fit her personality perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who came and showed their love and support.

And here's Cashus, giving me his best puppy dog eyes.
He's not happy about me taking his picture instead
of giving him the Valentines Day candy on the table.