Thursday, November 25, 2010

This month.


The kids were introduced to a few new things this month.
Some they liked, others they loved, and a few they hated.

Finger paints. Loved. (the paints were cool because they were
clear, but once touched to the specific paper, they changed colors.)
Easy clean up = my style paint.

Ears pierced. Lucy hated, I loved. Of course, inflicting any sort of pain on my offspring pulls on my heartstrings, but the result is OH SO CUTE. She handled it like a champ too. Only cried for like 30 seconds. She's a tough little cookie, that's for sure.

Snow. Undecided. London liked being outside, but hated all the getup. He started liking it more once Te showed him how to eat snow. Cash liked it until he fell down and couldn't get back up. I'm sure they will like it more once they go sledding or build a snowman. Right now, they don't really know what to do with it.

Family movie night. Loved. We decided it'd be fun to let the boys stay up late and enjoy popcorn and root beer while watching a movie with mom and dad. We threw on Shrek 3 and got bundled up in front of the fire. It was pretty much awesome.

The last two pictures are random but they have been added into the
"Mom's Favorite Pictures" folder. Who doesn't love a good cuddle? :-)

Thanksgiving was busy. From house to house to home.
I consider a holiday successful when these three things happen:

1. Kids are good.
2. Company is good.
3. Food is good.

Thanksgiving was 100% successful.

The Lawrence household is officially ready for decking the
halls and trimming some trees. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lucy, my love.

4 months.

Lucy turned 4 months.....about a month ago. Oops.
That being said, she got her "monthly" stats back! If she continues at the rate she's growing, she will be picking on her brothers before we know it.

Weight: 16 lbs. (85%)
Height: 26 1/2" (97%)
Head Circum: 42 cm (68%)

10 Things we love about Lucy:

1. Her smile.
2. Her super cute pouty face.
3. The ongoing obsession she has with watching
her big brothers run circles around her.
4. Her mellow demeanor. She's calm, cool, and collected.
5. The way she lets mommy dress her....3 times a day.
6. The fact that she LOVES all her girly toys. (I thought this
was just a myth about girls and boys but it's seriously true. She
loves her dolls and anything sparkly or feminine.)
7. The way she flirts with anyone who looks her way.
8. Her chunky thighs and cheeks.
9. How she always manages to roll over or do a 90 degree turn
but only when I'm not looking.
10. She thinks her brothers are hilarious, even when they don't
realize she's watching them.

And one more....
11. Her famous nose-dives into her bottles or bowls of food.

Our Lulu bear.

Yo Gabba Gabba

Like many of you, this show haunts my dreams. I find myself singing their songs and dancing when I'm not paying attention. I curse you, Mr. Gabba Gabba...whoever you are.

That being said, we went to their Live Show. Again, I found myself dancing and singing more than my kids...and come to think of it, more than the kids that were sitting in front of us and behind us...hmm...

It was fun though. It was something new to experience with the kiddos. I love watching their expressions and the way their faces light up when they see hundreds of balloons hanging above their head (reference picture # 3). Will we go again? Not until they are a couple years older. At half time, we were doing more chasing than watching. That didn't stop me from buying $15 keychains though! (I was secretly justifying the four $50 tickets I bought)

In the picture above, my camera occasionally does this blur thing. In this case, it turned out kinda cool. It's a keeper for the non-photog type, like myself.

London just might go into shock at the sight of all the balloons over head. Wait for it....okay, he lived. Barely...

The happy family leaving just after halftime. But at least they have their keychains (reference London's belt buckle acting as a safe spot for Muno). The boys kept throwing them. Another jab at mommy's ego. :-)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pictures Galore.

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The boys love being outside more than anything else. To remember my little munchkins during these times of simple, utter happiness, I took some pictures of them playing out back. They could care less what the weather is or that there is no giant swing sets to climb on. They are just happy with some rocks and dirt. Such boys.

Londy pants.
Casher boy.

Early Christmas presents.

These Early Rider bikes were supposed to be their Christmas presents. Once they got to the house, Te and I were both too excited to wait. So we let them play with them for a week or so. Since the boys are a half an inch too short, we decided to do a sneak attack and store them away until Christmas morning. Pretty sure they will still be as equally excited to see them then as they were the first time they laid eyes on them. Gotta take advantage of the short term memories that toddlers have!

First time with playdough.

To sum up this experience, Cash kept trying to sneak a bite, while London kept touching the playdough to his face. Apparently, he liked the texture against his skin. Weird, I know.

Last minute 12 hour drive.

We decided to take a stroll up to the Oregon coast again this year to hang out with the Marriotts. It was a last minute decision, literally 3 days prior to leaving. The boys did AMAZING on the long drive. The Toy Story movie saved our lives. They watched that about 10 times total. The drive ended up a total of 27 hours on the road. Ouch. Lucy was an angel too. But we didn't expect anything less from her since she's always a sweetheart. We went over Halloween and thanks to the Marriotts, had an awesome beach house to crash at. All in all, good times, great friends, and many memories.

Our pad.

The boys second favorite thing in this world, playing in water.

The ladies.

For those of you who don't know Molly, she's been a best friend for a very long time. She's the one who introduced me to Te. The one I turn to for a laugh, a cry, to keep a secret, or just to vent to after a stressful day. What's crazy about us is that we were both "surprises" to our parents. Born a week apart. Lucy and Mina were both "surprises" and born a week apart as well. Who says things don't happen for a reason?!

Uncle Dusty, Cash and little Mina.


Cash on the drive home.

Geeking out with Dad.

A couple nights ago, Cash woke up around midnight, during mommy and daddy's relaxing time. He insisted on wearing his sunglasses while watching Te play on his ipad. I am not lying when I say I get excited to hang out with my kids every day. The things they do and say always keep me guessing and laughing.

Little on Lucy.

There wasn't much in this post on Lucy. But her post will be coming next week when she goes in for her 4 month check up. To us, she's pretty much perfect in every way.