Monday, February 22, 2010

One and counting.


The boys turned one over the weekend on Saturday, Feb. 20th. I still feel like these guys are my babies, no where near "toddlers". Their birthday party was a lot of fun, thanks to our family and friends who joined us to help celebrate.



Weight. 21 lbs. 12 oz. (34%)
Height. 30 in. (58%)
Head Circum. 49.5 cm (99%)

Cash is our comedian. He's always pulling faces and doing the strangest things. He can stand on his own and walk if assisted with one hand being held. He's nearly in the walking stage! He also likes to pick on his brother and smiles while he does it. He sleeps 12 hours a night and naps perfectly throughout the day.


Weight. 21 lbs. 7 oz. (29%)
Height. 29.5 in. (41%)
Head Circum. 48.7 cm (96%)

London is our "into everything" baby. Leave him alone for 20 seconds and he will find something to get his hands into. This includes the dog's water bowl, the toilet, the cupboards, the plants...and well, you get the picture. He has turned into our cuddle monkey though. Out of nowhere, he will just give you a hug and loves to give kisses. He is also on the verge of walking. Unlike his brother, he is the first to rise in the morning and from his naps.

Both babies are learning "baby signing" and love to watch Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba. Within a day, they started playing with cars. Now, they LOVE cars. Pushing them around everywhere.

Their vocabulary includes the following:

Duug (dog)
Buh (ball)
uhuh (which is my variation on "no")
No (they learned that one quickly)
Nana (banana)
Baba (bottle)

They can point out or understand these words:

Bath time
Come on! or Let's go!
Give a hug or kiss

Birthday Party.

Cash and Aiden (cousin) playing with one of their new toys.
The boys unwrapping presents.
Cash, crying on Mom's shoulder.
The big picture.
Thanks to grandma Cindy, the boys each had their own cakes.
London enjoying his cake a little more than his brother.
After getting comfortable with his cake, London demolished his.
Cash wasn't as "into" it as his brother.
Nani (cousin) sneaking a cupcake.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh wait, we do exist.

Te and I were talking the other day about our blog. We realized that we hardly ever update anything about ourselves. Say what?! There's more to life than babies? Hmm...apparently so.

So here's a mini update. Short and sweet.

The Mr.
Te has been very busy the last 6 months or so. He still continues to work for Lexington Law/Progression and does part-time work at the Bobby Lawrence Karate in Centerville. He takes about 1-2 business trips a month. I'm jealous of this. I wish I could go every time.

He also likes to spend his nights teaching himself web design. He has three websites up and going. Once he puts his mind to something, he goes full steam ahead!

I went back to work part-time (if you could call it that. About 10 hours a week) doing payroll for Greene's Inc. I'm also taking a class up at the U of U. Shakespeare, to be exact. Even though Shakespeare isn't my favorite writer, you have to give the man credit. The guy could write for days. My pregnancy is going smoothly, MUCH easier than the twins. Most days I don't even feel pregnant, but then my round bowling ball stomach brings me back to reality.

The boys are turning one on Saturday, so their update will be coming...

And lastly, the slobber monster. Let's just say, she's been making my days....eventful. She enjoys bringing bark into the house for the boys to suck on. Oh, and every once in a while, she'll be a doll and leave a little poo nugget on her bed in the morning. Did I mention how much I love this dog? No...I didn't. If Te didn't love her so much, I would have found a way to lose her in the open fields behind our house. Oh yes, are lucky someone loves you. On a brighter note, we did teach her to stay off the carpet. So, besides all her little flaws, she does listen. Good Vosie girl.