Saturday, June 11, 2011

far and few.

I really suck at updating our family blog now days. Sorry about that! I am finally able to see light at the end of the 'underwear' tunnel. Finnaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyy! 

Here's what the kids have been up to as of late...

I don't know the name of these toys, but they are fantastic. 
I've never seen my kids sit still for so long before! 
They are sponge animals squeezed into a pill capsule which 
dissolves when put into warm water, leaving a fun shaped sponge toy
for the kiddies to play with. 

Cuppy Cakes.

Both the boys are different when it comes to eating sweets. London completely demolishes any sort of treat. I'm talking, finishing a popsicle in 4 bites. Whereas Cash will slowly take his time, first eating the frosting, then moving onto the cake part. And with popsicles, London could eat 4 within the time it takes Cash to finish 1. 

Littlest Lulu.

My good friend, Jen Herem, took Lucy's one year pictures. 
I wanted to put her in a Littlest Lucy dress, for memories sake.  
I love everything about my Lucy. She's my little buddy in this busy world.
She turns one on June 25th. I will post more pictures from the shoot later.