Friday, September 24, 2010

3 Years Short and 3 Months Old.

Te and I went to Hawaii (Kauai) for our 3 year Anniversary. It was the most relaxing vacation we've had since the boys were born. Everything went smoothly with the kids back home which definitely helped us relax.

We had one goal in mind when we landed in Kauai, do as many activities as we can..especially ones that we wouldn't be able to do if we had the kids with us.

Here are a couple of those activities:

We kayaked to a trail and hiked to a "secret" waterfall. Obviously, not so secret anymore now that tourists have access to it. On our trek, we were introduced to "walking trees". (Google that shiz...freaking weird.) They really do walk.

Above: Here's the stream we followed to the waterfall.

This little nook was a man-made tub. Specifically manufactured for the tribe's princess.

Finally making it to the waterfall. The Wailua River was once limited to only the Ali'i or Royalty. And now, any Tom, Dick or Harry can go! I felt bad the entire time realizing that this used to be a secret. Not enough to turn around though...I wanted me some waterfalls!

Te, striking an exotic pose under the waterfall.

Te and I also did some snorkeling and a boat ride around the majority of the Island. The picture above used to be a sacred burial ground. I wouldn't mind be buried on the coast of Hawaii. It was so beautiful. My pictures don't capture a fraction of it.

Let's just say we were fried by the end of the 5 hour boat ride.

Lucy turns 3 months today!

Lucy and her bestie, Mina Marriott. They were born a week apart, just like Molly and I were.

Te and Lucy.

My little homeless boys. I say this because their hair is out of control now days. Te refuses to let me cut it. And, they love 'choochoos'. That's all they care about.

My messy boy, Cash.

And Londy pants. No, this picture was not staged. I caught him in his very first nose pick. I'm sure there will be many more to come.