Friday, August 27, 2010

It's been busy!

Lawrence Family Vacation:

Last week, we spent 7 glorious days in Oceanside, CA. Te's family gets a couple condos the same time every year and we get to hang out as a family while enjoying the beach and making memories. We had so much fun with the boys. This was their first time going to the beach and being able to walk. We were chasing them up and down the beach constantly, but it was worth it to see them smile every time the water hit their feet. I can't wait till next year.

London and Cash getting dirty.

Grandpa Victor playing with Londy pants in the kiddy pool.

Uncle Jade and Cash
Mommy and Cash
Daddy and London
Playing ring-aroud-the-rosies with Cousin Zari.

Whitney's Bridal Shower:

Upon returning to Utah, my sister-in-law, Rhiannon, and I threw a bridal shower for our future sister-in-law, Whitney. She's marrying Te's stepbrother, Jason. Her colors are bright blue, black and white. We got our decorating ideas from our friend, Jen Herem. She always has such cute ideas, so we snatched some up! Thanks Jen.

We were pretty proud of ourselves for finding so many blue candies.

Here is Whitney, the bride to be. (holding Lucy)

Lucy's 2 month stats:

Weight: 12 lbs. 5 oz. (86%)
Height: 23" (75%)
Head Cir: 40.2 cm. (84%)

Lucy is truly a sweetheart. She smiles all day long. She hardly ever cries. Two nights ago was the first time she has ever cried in the middle of the night for her feeding. Te and I jumped up completely startled because we thought something was wrong with her. She only fusses when she wants attention. We are so blessed that she is so good. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't. I was already running on empty most of the time with the twins. I am so thankful she is who she is. I LOVE having a girl. We already have girl talk on a daily basis. I tell her how crazy her dad and brothers are...which is VERY often :-)
Sport'in her babylegs and Beatles onesie.

Purple is my favorite color on her. She's got a little bit of a red tint to her hair. She already has our entire families wrapped around her finger.

I love you, Lu Lu!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crazy boys and Pretty princess.

Te taught the boys a new trick. Soon after he did, we both regretted it. They use the handle and pull themselves up onto the soap shelf. Not safe and an accident waiting to happen. But look at that cute BUM!! I love this picture...
Lucy sport'in the big bow her auntie Kristi made her.