Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Depoe Bay, Oregon

For Spring Break this year, we decided to take a roadie up to Oregon to visit our friends (The Marriotts) and to have a very relaxing week with our family.

We rented out a beach house in Depoe Bay, OR and prayed for at least one sunny day (we knew what we were getting into with Oregon's Spring weather). Our first two days there were complete downpours. The next two, perfect sunshine. Here are some shots of our afternoon at the beach.


London was so proud of this rock he is sitting on.

The whole family. (Baby "L" included)
The Marriotts (baby "W" included)
London playing with the Marriotts other baby, Penny.

Besides the two 14 hour drives, this trip was amazing. We can't wait to do this every year!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Man, I love these boys.

I never want to forget these faces. Special thanks to Jen Herem for
capturing these moments on camera.