Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The boys turned 8 months yesterday. I can't believe they are 4 months away from 1 year. They are both getting more and more unique each day. Here are some fun facts about the boys this month.

This little man is mommy's helper. He's relaxed and easy going. Hence, the reason for my helper! He is really detail-oriented. He can play with the same toy for 10 minutes, while his brother will be bored within seconds. I will watch him touch every last detail on his toys. He loves Baby Einstein and will watch one from beginning to end. Cash also loves to hold his own bottle. He takes twice as long to finish it, but he smiles every time he brings it to and from his mouth. He also makes the funniest faces out of no where. He has really good balance, whether it's standing or sitting. Two things that he ALWAYS does that drives mom and dad crazy? First, while feeding him dinner, he manages to get food all over his face and hair. Never fails. Secondly, he finds it hilarious to splash everywhere during his bath. He's our messy baby, for sure.

I knew from the time he was in my tummy that this boy would be active and he has not disappointed me yet! He's always grabbing, rolling, pulling and eating everything in sight. He loves running in the walker. I'm talking, full on sprint in every direction. He learned how to clap in two days. We showed him how to do it the first day and the second day, we said "clap" and he knew just what we wanted. He loves the bath, especially when we turn on the faucet. He can make a 180 degree turn within seconds to put his hands into that water. He can get into crawling position but has yet to learn how to move his hands and legs together to get him going. I'm scared of that day. He already keeps me on my toes. His energy level is through the roof. I'm pretty sure he gets that from Te.

London clapping. (I get kind of annoying and loud, my apologies)

Both boys love the baby monitor lights in our bedroom. Since they were super tiny, they were drawn to the "red" lights. Every time Te caught them looking in that direction, he would say "RED LIGHTS!" And now, they think it's a game. Plus, they learned early that by being loud, those lights will jump up. So, we are constantly saying "shhhh, your brother is still sleeping!" It's a fun game we play as a family. They also love bedtime stories and giggle each time the page turns.

They both are saying Mama and Dada but have yet to distinguish who is what. When one baby cries too loudly, the other will follow suit. They love playing in their walkers together. One will run down the hall, stop, wait for his brother to follow, then keep going. They're already best friends and we look forward to seeing them become inseparable.

Cash playing with the monitor lights. This is quiet compared to when both boys get going.

London listening to his bedtime story.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

taking a stroll.

The boys love their daily walks and I love to bundle them up.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall? Yes, please.

I have finally decided on which "fall/winter" coat I want. Low and behold the beauty of this:
oh....and these boots would be nice too...