Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great Deal!

Hey Peeps.
My sister is having an amazing deal going on at her Luxy Bows Shop. Read below to learn about it. I am honored to help her out because her bows are darling and I wear them daily, no joke. (you can find her link to the right)

Free Bows and Headbands!!

Okay so I am doing this advertising to get my bows/headbands out into the world and I need everyones help! So heres what I wanna do....

If you link up my Luxy Bows etsy shop to your blog then I will send you a free bow for your little one or a free headband/bow for you! Just leave a comment on my blog saying you have linked it and then email me ( your address and I will send you a free one. You can tell me what color, size and type you want and we can go from there! The link is

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Thanks again everyone for your support!

Kristi Judd

Monday, September 21, 2009

2 Years and 2 Babies Later.

Te and I went to San Diego for 5 days this past weekend for our 2 year anniversary. We got married on September 20th 2007 and had our babies on February 20th 2009. Therefore, this month, on our anniversary, our boys also turned 7 months. They spent the long weekend with Auntie Kristi and Grandma Cindy. They sent us pictures over the weekend and made us miss our boys that much more. We had a blast in San Diego and pretty much did everything we could in San Diego.

Here's some photos from the trip and other random photos of the boys over the weekend:

On the beach. We took a ferry across and hung out for a
couple hours shopping and laying out.

Aiden and Cash playing in the play room.
Te wearing his socialism tee that he got at the swap meet.
Aiden and Cash in the tub.
We walked pretty much everywhere we went.
I am reading on the tram here though.

The night life in San Diego is awesome. We found
this little gem underground. Inside, the whole
place looks like Wonderland. Totally trippy.

Watched Shamu dance.
Te standing in front of a clydesdale called "drummer".
I'm sure you all know why :-)
At seaworld, the manatee tank. Gorgeous creatures.
I had no idea I had a butt-chin until I saw this picture.
Both our boys have them and I always blamed Te. Now, he will forever
have proof they get it from me. *tear*
While shopping, Te tried sharing his ice cream with this lovely lady.
Cashus - 7 months
London: 7 months

I have openly admitted and accepted that I can not survive without my three boys. They are my life and always will be.

To my husband: Te, I love you with all my heart. You are the best father and husband I could ever ask for. Thank you for loving me like you do. Happy 2nd!

To my baby boys: I feel like a part of me is missing when I am away from you both. I can't wait to watch you grow and continue to learn. Happy 7th!

Love you.
Love me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two things:

First, I just updated my blog. Go check it out! (link to the right)

Secondly, I can't wait for Halloween. I bought the boy's costumes today. YES YES YES! I can't wait to see them in these cute little outfits.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


First airplane ride. Need I say more than the title of this post?

We went to Oregon this weekend to spend the holiday with the Marriott's. The plane ride there went.....not so good. One baby screamed the first half, the second baby screamed the second half. Oh the joys of twins. We got to Oregon and had a blast! Thanks Molly and Dustin. On my birthday, Monday, Molly and I took Cash to the BEST fabric store I've ever been to. Plus, no tax....let's just say I was in heaven. The husbands took London to the coast. The day was awesome.....up until, DUN DUN DUN.... the flight home. HOLY SHIZ.

Let me give a little insight into how horrible Cash was (he was my passenger for the flight) At one point, Te heard two different comments. (he was 5 rows behind me, we couldn't sit together because not enough masks drop down)

First comment came from the lady next to Te:
Unknown Lady Passenger: "Wow, your child is an angel compared to that one."
Te: "actually, that one is mine too. They are twins."
Unknown Lady Passenger: "Well, I'm glad you got this one because I don't know what I would do if I was next to that one."

Second comment came from someone behind Te:
Another unknown Passenger: "That kid is screaming like a poltergeist."

Twins are great. But man, I understand now why people don't travel with kids. We will be driving from now on...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So I am officially terrified out of my mind. Why? Let me explain...

I have agreed to sing, in front of an audience, on Friday. This is my first time singing in front of people other than my family and close friends (mostly cassie :-)

We have been practicing a lot but I still have intense butterflies that I can't shake. BLLLAAAAHHHH. Why do I do these things to myself??

I guess, what I'm asking is, wish me luck. Because, trust me, I will need it. I'm pretty sure I will barf on stage...